From Vision To Reality

 It all began in 2014 when a group of Christian men acted upon a need that was hard to overlook.  Time and again, stories were told of men's lives, caught in addiction, who soon returned to their former lifestyles, habits, and harmful relationships after completing treatment programs.  This group of men realized that what was absent in restoring these lives was a healthy work ethic and an attitude of selfless service.  Thus began the work of establishing Restore Texas Ministry (RTM).  

The idea and vision of RTM are unique.  The foundational goal is to teach and train men how to support themselves through their labor, while maintaining health in their daily lives, as they walk with the Lord.  The focus is on restoring broken relationships, establishing emotional independence, maintaining personal finances, growing spiritually, and sustaining physical purity.  

As the Ministry progressed and developed, it became clear that Residents were in need of assistance in making the transition from RTM to independent living and employment.  In response, a system was established whereby money was earned that Residents would receive upon graduation.  This program has assisted each graduate with purchasing vehicles, paying deposits and rent, and buying necessary household items.

The ministry has grown, yet the need is much bigger than we can address.

We invite you to get involved, this is a program that works! 

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